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KC Suburbs Top 5 Coffee Shops

So it’s been a long time coming, and I’ve left you all waiting in suspense. It’s time for me to give you my top 5 coffee shops south of 67th street. Like I said in my KC coffee list, this changes on the regular, and JUST because a shop isn’t listed doesn’t mean it isn't bomb. Take my word for it, we have some AMAZING coffee shops out south so it was hard to consolidate, but I managed. 

In no particular order, I present the fab five

Blackdog Coffeehouse

Blackdog is a STAPLE out south. The customer service in this shop exceeds all expectations, the coffee is absolutely DELIGHTFUL (hello messenger) and the shop is connected to the one and only IBIS bakery. Their food menu is just as delightful as their coffee options, so if you’re going, be sure to get ready for a full meal and delightful dessert. I also love the ambiance in this shop, it has quite a bit of seating as well as a patio for all you breeze chasers like myself. This will be the perfect place to pop in for a fall drink and enjoy the nice fall leaves,  I can’t say enough good things about Black Dog, you’re the OG my friend. 

Kansas Coffee Cafe 

I have been a customer of Kansas Coffee Cafe for years. My husband used to work across the street from this eclectic coffee shop and I became a fan when he started his job. This shop is obviously locally owned and they source a lot of their ingredients locally which I’m a huge fan of. The owners make everyone feel like a part of the coffee shop family.  And if you are feeling hungry, Kansas Coffee Cafe also has my favorite sandwiches around town as well as some yummy lattes! If you’re in the area, or if you’re not, you should probably stop by!

Cafe Equinox 

So let me just say, I know you see a lot of Thou Mayest on my blog, and that is just because they do A LOT of things really well. Cafe Equinox was a COMPLETE rebranding and partnership with family tree nursery and it was a huge success. I am sure that everyone was on their toes with this new concept that takes plants and combines them with one of KC’s favorite roasters. It is a match made in heaven. If you find yourself with the winter blues, head on over to this nursery and enjoy a tropical heaven while you sip on your delicious drink. They live by the motto of caffeine and chlorophyll and I can certainly get behind that! Talk about match made in heaven. 

Cause Coffee

Cause coffee is such a unique and adorable coffee shop out in DeSoto, Kansas. I just had to include this shop because not only is it a non profit which donates its proceeds to causes around the world, but it is a fantastic coffee shop. Cause offers an extensive menu which includes smoothies, delicious sandwiches and fabulous drinks. They sell coffee from outside roasters like Repetition, Onyx and Messenger so it’s also a good place to pop in and stock up on beans. I cannot say enough good things about Cause. And for a coffee shop that is staffed entirely with volunteers, the service is superb, everyone is always smiling, welcoming and very well trained.

Second Best Coffee

Second best coffee is phenomenal. Every drink from Second Best is far from second best. I enjoy their nitro, coffee and wide variety of specialty drinks that they have available. I have honestly never gotten a single drink from this coffee shop that I dislike and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes delicious drinks. So there you have it, my top 5 shops South of 67th street. 

These shops all do so many things well and I make an effort to pop in whenever I have a chance. So try heading out south  and see what you think about these wonderful local spots! 

Peace, Love and White Hearth Coffee