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San Francisco Coffee Scene

I recently took a 2-week work trip to the bay area in California, and while I spent MOST of my time working, it wouldn’t be worth flying to another state without checking out the top coffee shops in the area. I was very impressed with the flavors of California, I found some amazing little gems sprinkled throughout the bay area all the way to San Francisco. Keep reading to hear about these hidden treasures. I will only be able to share about a few, or you would stop reading because I visited A LOT of coffee shops while I was there. 

My first stop was a recommendation from the one and only Coffee Kansas City, Blue Bottle coffee. I had a delightful  pour over from this shop and went back a few more times while I was there. Each time, I had a different blend and I didn’t try a single flavor I wasn’t a fan of. Blue bottle is a staple in the coffee world and throughout Cali and it is for apparent reasons. They have a certain quality that comes out in each sip. I’ll also be forever grateful to the barista in Blue Bottle who made a list for me on my first day of  all the must-try spots in SF. 

I visited a few other shops close to my hotel for the remainder of the week, and for my only day off, I planned a whole coffee road trip. The first stop of my coffee shop getaway was Dead Eye Coffee in South San Francisco. I read great reviews about this shop on Yelp and from other instagrammers. I immediately saw why the reviews were so good when I walked into this shop. The barista was a wonderful, welcoming guy who told me all about local coffee. I had one of the best soy lattes I have ever had from this shop and sat next to some locals who gave me their own recommendations for some of the best places to go in SF. I had quite a few locals tell me that one of the best places to go is Andytown Coffee Roasters so I added that stop to my list. 

My next shop was Home Cafe. I cannot lie to you, I 100% went to this shop because I saw online that they had rainbow lattes, I’m not mad about it. I had not read any reviews about the taste and I was amazed that my birthday cake latte tasted just as good as it looked! This was a dope coffee shop with amazing specialty lattes that are photo-worthy and absolutely delicious. At this point, I was starting to jitter, but I didn’t let that stop me from venturing onward to my next stop: Andytown Roasters. 

Andytown Roasters had a line out.the.door. It was insane, just a few blocks away from the beach, this place was bumpin for a Sunday afternoon. Although I was already feeling a bit jittery and hadn’t yet found any food, I decided that I HAD to try the espresso from here. I got the Original Bird and it was superb. This was an espresso cream soda with brown sugar and topped with the house made cream. The shop was pretty tiny and difficult to walk through but the delicious drinks made up for the size of the space. 

I decided at this point that I should probably find the golden gate bridge, because why would anyone consider food when they had 3 espresso based drinks for the day on an empty stomach? I found a lookout somewhere (at this point I was in a state of euphoria from all the caffeine and can’t recall where) and it was glorious. The golden gate bridge is everything and more. 

I decided after a while that it was time to check out sightglass, but not until I had run off some of that caffeine. I found a parking spot a mile from the beach (the only one available in all of SF I think) and ran to the beach. While running, I noticed a group playing my favorite sport, Ultimate Frisbee on the beach, I decided they looked like they knew what they were doing so I asked to join. I ended up playing Ultimate with some strangers on the beach for an hour, I realized that I was smitten with San Francisco and the whole California vibe. 

After my workout and delay, I headed over to Sightglass for my final stop. Mind you, by this point, it was 4pm and I had gone the whole day and forgotten to eat…. Apparently it is possible to run on joy, coffee and espresso beans. I decided at this point, I should stick to a tea so I didn't get to taste test the flavors of Sightglass, but I was very impressed with the size, space and style of their coffee shop. I was sad to leave the San Francisco area to head back to the bay, but don’t fret, because I had another 45 minutes of driving just to get to the other side of the city. 

While SF isn’t the easiest city to navigate with the traffic, it is an amazing, diverse, fun and welcoming city that I can’t wait to return to. I highly recommend hitting up all the spots I visited while on my trip in San Francisco and I can’t wait to go back and try them again. 

Peace, Love and White Hearth Coffee