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Rochester Brewing & Roasting Company

Upon entering Rochester Brewing and Roasting Company, you will be astounded to see the wide open space that awaits you. This space is elegantly crafted and leaves enough breathing room for those of us who thrive off of white walls and  a minimalist approach to design. The staff is warm, friendly and it seems that every face who walks into this cafe is greeted with a warm, already-knowing welcome. 

Rochester Brewing and Roasting company opened recently in the west crossroads and the space is gorgeous. The beautiful concept behind Rochester Brewing & Roasting is that it is BOTH a coffee shop and a brewery and I have a feeling that the staff is working to achieve perfection in both realms. I am fascinated by the new wave of coffee shops that are choosing to pull in a unique separate layer that adds a dynamic twist to the ever changing coffee scene and I think that Rochester Brewing & Roasting has nailed this one on the head with the space that gives the coffee shop vibes and the delicious flavors of the soon to be released beer that will be available for those night owls who prefer more of the evening scene. 

I went in for the morning vibes and ended up getting the nitro chai with oatly, it was delightful. As both of my siblings are from India, I grew up drinking chai and this chai is the closest to a chai you might find at an indian restaurant and I totally dig it. The nitrogen adds a unique layer of smooth flavor to the already delectable taste. I also got a brown sugar cold brew, need I say more? It was the perfect amount of sweet for me and I was a huge fan of the subtle hints of brown sugar layered on top of the cold brew. 

Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co. is definitely on to something here and I can't wait to see where they go with this concept, they are killing it so far.

Peace, love and White Hearth Coffee,