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Orlando magic and coffee shop dreams

It really is a magical place 

Orlando, Florida, you are full of beauty, magic and so many delightful coffee shops. Drew and I traveled to Orlando back in February because naturally, I wanted to go to Disney World for my 28th birthday like every other human that turns 28. It was magical and the perfect way to kick off a new year and I cried a little bit when I  heard Elsa sing "Let it go," don't judge me for it. 

I want to highlight some of the best coffee shops in the area, I was extremely impressed with the quality of coffee shops in Orlando and the customer service, read on to see why. 

Craft & Common

This coffee shop should actually be a part of Disney World’s animal kingdom. It is delightful. The plants that overcome the shop give off the vibe that you are actually walking into a jungle instead of a coffee shop. The simplicity of the setup and bar design is absolute perfection inside of Craft & Common when mixed with the jungle adventure. This shop remains one of my favorite coffee shops I have ever visited for the vibes, staff treatment and delicious food.

Credo Coffee

I wanted to try Credo Coffee because I read online that this shop was a donation based shop, something that I had never seen. It truly is a donation only shop and I watched a man walk in while we were visiting and the barista say that his food and drink was covered. It’s an amazing concept, those who can give what they can and just by drinking coffee, those who can’t afford it will be covered. I was enchanted with the beauty of this concept and fell in love with this coffee shop as well. 

Deeply Coffee

This shop is just around the corner from Craft and Common so you should really hit up this area if you decide to go to Orlando. Deeply coffee is an elegant, mid-century modern filled coffee shop that serves the one and only heart roasters coffee. There is a reason that this coffee is so popular, it is so delicious and Deeply does the best job of mixing it up in the perfect cup of pourover for your tasting pleasure. 

Lineage Coffee

This gem was a feast for the eyes from the minute we walked into the door. The back drop of splashed glass screams a room that has been intricately designed for each and every person to sit and stare in awe. We tried the pourover and though I can’t remember the blend, it was superb. Lineage coffee is definitely a place you must visit if you pop into Orlando. 


Something that I'd like to mention regarding the Orlando coffee scene is that each shop had a very welcoming vibe. I was so fascinated by the amount of baristas who knowingly saw me walk in with my huge DSLR and asked where we were from, all the while praising the KC coffee scene. It reminded me of how this coffee life has brought us all together and that is my favorite part of all. Thanks for the memories Orlando, I'm sure I'll be back for a birthday again someday

Peace, Love and White Hearth Coffee,