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Top 5 Shops in KC

A follower recently suggested that I create a top 5 list for local coffee shop in Kansas City. I am happy to oblige and share some of my current favorites in the KC area. I want to give full disclosure and say that my favorites change weekly and JUST because a shop isn’t listed doesn’t mean it’s not dope, I probably just haven’t visited in awhile and can’t remember its greatness. With that being said, read on. These are in no particular order, because I just can’t give you that much insight into my world of favorites. 

Messenger Coffee 

First I want to tell you about an iconic Kansas City coffee favorite which you may have heard of and that is Messenger coffee. This shop is absolutely adorable. This is a multilevel shop with photo opps in every corner, and if you haven’t tried food from this shop then you really need to. They have some of the best baked goods around town. Each level offers a wide variety of seating and foliage. The lighting is perfect (sorry my photography mind will never change) and it is a good place to set up shop and get some work done. It’s definitely a favorite hangout spot and study hub. The people who work here have a passion for coffee and for teaching others about coffee. On Saturdays, you can even pop in for a delicious flight and sample some of the many blends that Messenger has to offer. 

The Wild Way Coffee

The next coffee shop I want to talk about is the Wild Way coffee. I find this shop amazingly unique and welcoming. The owners, Christine and Jon are beyond welcoming and constantly on the go. This local coffee shop is in the warehouse during the winter season, but during the year you may see the Wild Way trailer anywhere from Leawood to a local wedding. The thing about Wild Way is not only is their staff amazing, but their coffee is too! Jon and Christine have done quite a bit of research on the best way to prepare their coffee and they even utilize their own unique water that is perfect for brewing some delicious beans. Lastly, they have an amazing specialty menu and come up with some unique flavors that I love to try out.


Another favorite coffee shop is Monarch coffee. I have to say, I’m a sucker for white walls and loud wallpaper that leaves every photo with evidence of an adorable modern vibe. The appearance of Monarch’s interior leaves little to be desired. If the looks don’t do it for you, grab a specialty drink. They have the best presentation around with their drinks and each and every drink is pure art. Their coffee beans are also some of my favorites and although a bit pricey, you can get a cup of coffee on the side with your purchase of beans in store. They are also worth every penny, but I could be bias. 

Splitlog Coffee

Now let me tell you about another gem in this city, and that is Splitlog Coffee. I am greeted with a warm smile each and every time I walk into this shop. All the baristas are warm, kind and great at what they do! Each drink is made with tender care and I haven’t tried anything from here I don’t like! The shop also  has a fabulous view of the city for all you grammers out there. 

Thee Outpost

Lastly, I have to give props to a new shop in town for making the top five list and that is Thee Outpost. This coffee shop is absolutely brilliant, as I discussed in my previous post. Every corner is a new artistic surprise and I’m not sure that I could ever take it all in. I’m also a huge fan of Thou Mayest coffee, so anywhere that serves it is good in my books. I'm also beyond intrigued with the collaboration Thou Mayest has begun with Collective Ex, the two provide a unique coffee shop which combines the aesthetics of an art gallery with the flavors of a coffee dream.  I find this shop to be both soothing and inspirational and it will be my go-to editing spot in the coming days. 

Let me know what your top fives are in the comments and feel free to reach out with any questions! Remember I love all of you KC, but I’m especially fond of a few at the moment. Ask me next week, and I may have different answers. 

Peace, love and White Hearth Coffee,