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Thee Outpost

I’ve always been a die-hard fan for how a room makes me feel. That’s why I spend WAY too much time inside of hobby lobby and plant stores, perusing the aisles for anything I can add to each and every corner of the room to make it spark the most joy in the words of Marie Kondo. It’s also why I’m such a huge fan of the newest addition to the Crossroads Thee Outpost. The grand opening is July 15, 2019 from 7am-8pm.

When I walked into this space, I was greeted by one piece of art after another. Each corner of the space is so intricately thought out. From the water dispenser that sits on a bed of succulents and allows each extra drop to be utilized to help plants grow, to the shelves with each and every Thou Mayest bag perfectly lined up as if they were done so to create their own magical piece of art, this place is true beauty. 

Don’t expect to just spend a few minutes here. Each space is intentionally designed to produce questioning and connection. Do you connect with the delicate designs under the plants? Or are the art pieces you’ll find so beautifully presented more your thing? The owners pondered these same questions with their design.

In one word, I would describe this space as inspirational. For the artist in you, the child in you, the hopeless romantic and curious wanderer, this space will fill you with the deep desire to ponder. It will change you each time you enter it, leaving you wanting more. This space is about so much more than coffee, it’s about being present in the moments that make up your life. It’s about taking the time to notice how intentional the creators were when they constructed it. So take time to notice. Even if it’s just a minute, breathe in all that beauty, and drink in that delightful coffee while you’re at it.