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Lifted Spirits Distillery

There is something so endearing about a local company, it is part of the reason that I love running White Hearth Coffee, and it is the reason I am smitten with Lifted Spirits. I had the privilege of touring this fabulous distillery at the recent social media launch for their new Bold Gin. The story of Lifted Spirits is enough to bring any consumer back. The owners Michael and Kyle started from the ground up. It is a telltale story of the American dream and the perfect depiction of why supporting local is so much more rewarding. 

The tour began with drinks that allowed everyone present to sample the new bold gin that will launch on Friday, 7/19. This gin was unlike anything I had ever tasted. The co-owners said that they did a great deal of trial and error to come up with the perfect mixture of botanicals and as a result achieved what is now known as the bold gin. It was delightful! I tasted hints of lavender, herbal flavors and a tangy aftertaste that stuck around. I am a huge fan of the drink I had rose-colored glasses and it was just the right amount of bubbles to gin ratio. I could really taste the flavors of the gin without it overpowering the drink. 

I have to say that aside from the drinks, I was extremely impressed with this company in general. Michael explained how he wanted to start this distillery as a way to bring people together. He said that his vision, along with co-owner Kyle, was to create a space where people establish community over spirits, just as they had always done. As an avid community seeker and coffee drinker, this vision of community around drinks is a favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing your vision Lifted Spirits. I can’t wait to come back with some friends for some more gin and good times. It was an honor. 

Peace, love and White Hearth Coffee,