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Cuento Coffee

Attention everyone, there is a new coffee shop in Raytown, and it’s dope. I’m obsessed with the vision of Cuento Coffee and disappointed in myself for not trying their coffee until now. The hubs and I drove out to Raytown this morning and pulled up to Crane brewing company, the new home of Cuento Coffee, the local shop that is going to bring so much flavor to Raytown.

Cuento coffee is a local roaster as well as a coffee shop. We walked in to a line of people eager to try the coffee scene. This is the best place to go spend the day, drink coffee in the morning and roll into the evening with some beer from Crane Brewing. 

My favorite part about the shop, aside from the fantastic chocolatey espresso, is the staff. Everyone behind the Cuento Coffee counter was super helpful, knowledgeable about the coffee and most importantly passionate about the Cuento Coffee vision. Their vision is to bring the culture of community back to the coffee scene. And I most certainly can get behind that vision. The future of Cuento Coffee has goals to teach those to fall in love with coffee just as they have. They want to tell the story of coffee because they believe every coffee has a story.

Cuento Coffee, you blew me away, I can’t wait to see what is next for you guys

Peace, Love and White Hearth Coffee,