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Cause Coffee

There are a few things that I require of my coffee shops in order to categorize them in my favorites list. The first thing is that the coffee HAS to be good and leave me thinking that I can’t wait to have another cup. The next is the people, those behind the counter must be welcoming, kind and make you feel like they’re happy you are there. The final attribute is the ambiance of the shop. I prefer a shop that makes me feel like I’m at home, cuddling up next to my fireplace with a drink more delicious than I could ever make on my own. Cause coffee nails all three on my must have list PLUS some. 

If you haven’t tried Cause Coffee yet, you definitely want to add it to your must visit list. This shop is out in DeSoto, Kansas and definitely worth the trip. They serve Messenger coffee and they do it so well. I recently stopped by to sample some drinks from their summer menu and I was amazed at the quality of the drinks and food they are making. Even my orange rosemary espresso tonic was made with fresh orange, fresh rosemary and ground to a juice to mix with the delightful espresso and tonic. I am amazed at this level of quality and TLC that goes into each and every drink at Cause. 

But the amazement doesn’t stop there. Cause is SO MUCH MORE than just coffee. And that’s saying a lot, because coffee is never JUST coffee. Cause is about community, it’s about creating a safe haven and a place where people come together to send help and love out to those around them. In case you weren’t aware, Cause Coffee is actually a nonprofit that donates its proceeds to causes around the world. 

I recently sat down with Tara, the owner and visionary behind cause and I am amazed at the joy that overflows from her words. You can see true passion for Cause and what it entails flow from each description she gives for Cause. I asked Tara how they decide what causes to donate to as I can’t imagine ever being able to narrow down just one particular cause. Tara said that the causes tend to come to her, she said that they have donated to everything from ending sex trafficking to clean water and local tornado relief. Tara explained to me that each and every employee inside of Cause is a volunteer and they have each chosen to be there and serve in that capacity. 

But the serving doesn’t end inside of the walls. These baristas may team up to bring food or helping hands to those who suffered from damage during the tornado that recently swept up parts of Douglas county. You may even see some of the volunteers traveling out to downtown KC to serve all of the leftover pastries that are sold throughout the day to the needy. There is no stone left unturned. 

Cause coffee isn’t just about coffee at all, it’s about quality, compassion, love and a community of people working alongside what we all love most, coffee to help bring this world a little bit closer together. Now THAT is something I can stand behind. 

Cheers to Cause and a community of coffee drinkers that empower one another,