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Local coffee shops & food

White Hearth Coffee explores local coffee shops and restaurants, and highlights some of the best local food and drink across the country! Inspired by the Kansas City coffee shop scene, White Hearth Coffee is on an adventure to find hidden treasures, and popular hangouts. Follow along on Instagram for the latest caffeine fix. Remember to support local!

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Coffee shops in Kansas City are renowned for serving some of the best coffee around. Follow along to check out local coffee roasters, coffee shops, and coffee drinkers.


Coffee isn't the only thing you'll hear about from White Hearth Coffee, follow along for the latest info and features on delicious food and drink from local restaurants.

Local Treasures

Along the way, you'll see features capturing amazing local food and drink, but also a little about the people that inspire me to capture the wonderful people behind the scenes.

My Lyme Soap Box

It has been eight years since I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme. Eight years since the hospitalist looked at me and smirked because he knew the reason I stopped being able to walk more than a half a mile was because I...

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KC (Keep Coffee) Local

The world has changed in a matter of months, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that our version of normal will take the shape of something entirely different than what it was previously. So what does that mean...

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